Message from former general secretary 2079-80.

Dear esteemed members of PAN

I take this opportunity to express my heartiest gratitude to all my seniors, colleagues and my juniors for keeping faith on me as a General Secretary of PAN and I believe with my full potential I have given justice to my post with the immense support from office bearers of PAN.I would humbly like to extend my sincere thanks to all the esteemed members of PAN for your constructive feedbacks and blessings that you have showered upon us. Indeed the 2 years journey was not that easy but with your love and blessings our journey was much smoother. I am blessed to work under the able leadership of President Prof. Dr. Chandra Sedain sir and Immediate past president Prof. Dr. Sudarshan Narsingh Pradhan sir, Dr. Rabi Shakya sir and my pillars Dr.Kamal Gautam, Dr.Rachana Sharma Basnet, Dr.Nikesh Rajbhandari, Dr.Madhur Basnet, Dr.Dipesh Bhattarai, Dr. Giri Raj Bhantana, Dr. Prabhat Chalise, Dr.Prabhat Sapkota, Dr.Rajan Sharma, Dr.Robin Jha, Dr.Pratik Yonjan, Dr.Sushil Samadarshi, Dr.Ashim Regmi, Dr.Sandip Subedi.

There are few tasks left unfinished during my tenure, I assure you that I will complete that task in the capacity of provincial member during upcoming tenure.

With this I hereby officially end my tenure as a General Secretary of PAN.

Long live PAN 🙏
With Best Regards

Dr. Neena Rai