“Mental Health in A Changing World”

9th National Conference


Psychiatrists’ Association of Nepal

(PANCON 2022)

Nov 3-4 2022(Kartik 17-18,2079)

Venue: Sauraha,Chitwan.


PAN President and General Secretary

Dear Esteemed Delegates and Friends Warmest Greetings from PANCON 2022.We are extremely grateful to be able to invite you to the 9th National Conference of Psychiatrists’ Association of Nepal, 2022 (PANCON 2022) to be held at Sauraha , Chitwan from 3rd to 4th  november . The district takes its name from the Chitwan  valley,  one of Nepal’s inner tarai valleys between the Mahabharat  and  Siwalik  ranges, both considered foothills of the Himalayas.   Originally a dense forest with wild animals like leopards and Bengal tigers. The name of ‘Chitwa’  and ‘ban’ ( tiger forest) started to called Chitwan .  It  is the first time our city will be hosting this prestigious scientic program.  .The Chitwan  district is  located  central tarai  region of Nepal ,  The headquarters  of chitwan district  is Bharatpur .  Bharatpur is the 3 rd largest city of Nepal under Bagmati  provience. Bharatpur is the commercial and service centre of South Central Nepal and a major destination for higher education, health care and transportation in the region. Sauraha is 14 KM southen- east from Bharatpur . Sauraha   is  the one of the famous  place for tourism in  Nepal. It is Sourounded by Chitwan  national park. The Devghat is religious  place for hindu .we can enjoy in Saptgandaki river ( Narayani river) rafting. Maulakalika temple is located in Gaidakot beyond Narayani river.

Bharatpur is the commercial and service centre of South Central Nepal and a major destination for higher education, health care and transportation in the region. The ‘Bishazari Tal’ meaning “twenty thousand lakes”, is  situated in south Bharatpur. The lake serves as a bird watching center and houses  of many crocodiles. The Chitwan  National Park is home to one-horned rhinos, elephants, Royal Bengal tigers, crocodiles, deer and many other wild animals. It is the third largest tourist destination in Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara.Narayangarh  or Narayanghat  is an important trading area, which is situated in the centre of Bharatpur.

The theme of the conference is “Mental health in a changing world”. The world is changing  in  day by day. Any  social , economical , political , cultural, environmental and  psychological events directly affect  in mental health  of  the people living in different   countries in the  the world .The conference will be unique as we are entering into post COVID world and gradually issues are being settled but few uncertainties remain. We assure you all that PANCON 2022 will give us a compelling contribution to our knowledge base. We hope  you and your family to enjoy the hospitality and beauty of Central  Nepal .We very much look forward  to welcome you in  9 th PANCON ,2022  at Sauraha , Chitwan .

Prof. Dr.Chandra Prasad Seadain

Dr. Neena Rai
General Secretary


Message from organizing committee

On behalf of Psychiatrists’ Association of Nepal (PAN we  would welcome you all in the 9th National Conference of PAN (PANCON 2022) to be held at Sauraha, Chitwan, in November 3-4, 2022 (Kartik 17-18, 2079 BS). PANCON has become an annual event and Sauraha conference will cement this status. 

This conference will bring us together after long and exhausted COVID pandemic. Many people in pandemic have lost lots of their near and dear ones, and our Psychiatric fraternity is no exception. There have been exponential increments in psychiatric morbidities due to multiple factors including COVID infection itself. There were down regulation of what can be described as social determinants of positive mental health (such as employment, economic empowerment, physical health, social justice, equality and equal opportunities), they were very obvious during pandemic, and mentally ill people were especially vulnerable. These social determinants were unequal even during normal times, and patients with mental disorders were always on the lower sides and the last ones receiving them. During pandemic it became very gross and clear, that improvement of patients with psychiatric disorders is not solved by “tablets” and “talk therapy” alone. Political will power and social opportunities are also crucial for these unfortunate patients to bring them back in main social stream. So we have aptly given the theme “mental health in a changing world” so that we focus on holistic approach while we deal mental health issues.

This conference will incorporate biological, psychological and social approaches to stay mentally healthy. There will be multiple symposia, free papers, posters and unique interaction and event. The conference will be unique as we are entering into post COVID world and gradually issues are being settled but few uncertainties remain. We are still not sure and will gradually be learning regarding “post COVID” mental health issues.

Sauraha, Chitwan is located in the nearly centre of Nepal. There are attractive places for everyone- nature adventure in Chitwan National Park, religious place at Devghat and other important landmarks in near districts. Weather will be cool and serene, hotels and ambience will be beautiful.Organizing committee formed for PANCON 2022 is a small group of highly dedicated people who will look after you once you decide to attend PANCON 2022. Everything will be taken care of and you will cherish our hospitality forever.

Prof Dr. Shailendra Raj Adhikari
Organizing Chairman

Dr. Khagendra Kafle
Organizing Secretary

Psychiatrists’ Association of Nepal Central Committee

Central Committee
Prof. Dr. Chandra Prasad SeadainImmediate Past President Dr. Sudarshan Narsingh Pradhan xzxzxzxzxz Vice PresidentDr. Ravi ShakyaGeneral SecretaryDr. Neena RaiJoint SecretaryDr. Kamal GautumTreasurerDr. Rachana SharmaJoint TreasurerDr. Nikesh Mani RajbhandariMembersDr. Prabhat Chalisey (open)Dr. Giri Raj Bhantona (open)Dr. Dipesh Bhattarai (open)Dr. Madhur Basnet (Province No -1)Dr. Robin Jha (Province No. 2)Dr. Pratik Yonjan Lama (Province No-3)Dr. Rajan Sharma (Province No.4)Dr. Asim Regmi (Province No. 5)Dr. Shusil Sadadarsi (Province No. 6)Dr. Prabhat Sapkota (Province No. 7) 


PatronProf.Dr.Harish Chandra NeupaneChairpersonProf.Dr.Shailendra Raj AdhikariCo-ChairpersonDr.Neena Rai Dr. Sunil Kumar ShahGeneral SecretaryDr. Khagendra KafleTreasurerDr. Richa Sinha MembersProf. Dr. C. P.  SedainDr.Mahendar Raj NeupaneDr. Sunil Kumar ShahDr. Smita NeupaneDr. Aarti ThapaDr.Riju NiraulaDr Srijana Bhurtel Dr Uddhav LamaSub-committeeScientific Committee ConvenorDr Dhana Ratna Shakya SecretoryDr. Uddhav LamaMembersDr.Sandeep Subedi, Dr. Nikesh Rajbhandari, Dr. Rachana Sharma Basnet,  Dr Prabhakar Pokhrel, Dr Devesh Ghimire, Dr Anup Krishna Gupta, Dr Bigya ShahRegistrationChairpersonDr. Srijana BhurtelMembersDr. Anil Kumar, Dr. Yojna ShakyaEntertainmentChairperson Professor Dr. Rabi Shakya MembersDr Nisha Thapa, Dr Nisha DhunganaFinance & Logistic ChairpersonDr.Giri Raj BhantanaMembersDr.Riju Niraula, Dr Shukra Sagar PanditReception & Hospitality  ChairpersonDr Rajan SharmaMembersDr. Niki Shrestha, Dr. Smita Neupane, Dr. Sabina Dahal, Dr. Anil Kumar AdvisersProf. Dr. Dhurba Man ShresthaDr. Bishwa Bandu Sharma Dr. Nirakar Man ShresthaProf.  Dr. Mahendra Kumar NepalDr. Kapil Dev UpadhyayaProf. Dr. Puspa Prasad SharmaProf. Dr. Vidya Dev SharmaProf. Dr. Desh Raj Bahadur KunwarProf  Dr. Surendra SherchanProf. Dr. Saroj Prashad OjhaDr. Arun KunwarProf. Dr. Nawa Raj KoiralaProf  Dr. Sudarshan Narsingh Pradhan    
Central Committee

Prof. Dr. Chandra Prasad Seadain

Immediate Past President 

Dr. Sudarshan Narsingh Pradhan

Vice President

Dr. Ravi Shakya

General Secretary

Dr. Neena Rai

Joint Secretary

Dr. Kamal Gautum


Dr. Rachana Sharma

Joint Treasurer

Dr. Nikesh Mani Rajbhandari


Dr. Prabhat Chalisey (open)

Dr. Giri Raj Bhantona (open)

Dr. Dipesh Bhattarai (open)

Dr. Madhur Basnet (Province No -1)

Dr. Robin Jha (Province No. 2)

Dr. Pratik Yonjan Lama (Province No-3)

Dr. Rajan Sharma (Province No.4)

Dr. Asim Regmi (Province No. 5)

Dr. Shusil Sadadarsi (Province No. 6)

Dr. Prabhat Sapkota (Province No. 7)




Prof.Dr.Harish Chandra Neupane


Prof.Dr.Shailendra Raj Adhikari


Dr Dhana Ratna Shakya


Dr.Neena Rai 

Dr. Sunil Kumar Shah

General Secretary

Dr. Khagendra Kafle


Dr. Richa Sinha


Prof. Dr. C. P.  Sedain

Dr.Mahendar Raj Neupane

Dr. Aarti Thapa


Scientific Committee Members


Dr. Uddhav Lama


Dr.Sandeep Subedi,

Dr. Nikesh Rajbhandari,

Dr. Rachana Sharma Basnet, 

Dr Prabhakar Pokhrel,

Dr Devesh Chandra Ghimire,

Dr Anup Krishna Gupta,

Dr Bigya Shah

Dr Sanjeev Mishra

Dr Suraj Nepal

Registration Members


Dr. Srijana Bhurtel


Dr. Anil Kumar,

Dr. Yojna Shakya

Dr Rinku Gautam Joshi

Dr Suren Limbu



Professor Dr. Rabi Shakya 


Dr Nisha Thapa,

Dr Nisha Dhungana

Finance & Logistic 


Dr.Giri Raj Bhantana


Dr.Riju Niraula,

Dr Shukra Sagar Pandit

Reception & Hospitality  


Dr Rajan Sharma


Dr. Niki Shrestha,

Dr. Smita Neupane,

Dr. Sabina Dahal,

Dr. Anil Kumar



Prof. Dr. Desh Raj Bahadur Kunwar

Prof. Dr. Dhurba Man Shrestha

Dr. Bishwa Bandu Sharma

 Dr. Nirakar Man Shrestha

Prof.  Dr. Mahendra Kumar Nepal

Dr. Kapil Dev Upadhyaya

Prof. Dr. Puspa Prasad Sharma

Prof. Dr. Vidya Dev Sharma

Prof  Dr. Surendra Sherchan

Prof. Dr. Saroj Prashad Ojha

Dr. Arun Kunwar

Prof. Dr. Nawa Raj Koirala

Prof  Dr. Sudarshan Narsingh Pradhan