JPAN vol8 No2 July-Dec 2019

JPAN vol8 No2 July-Dec 2019

Painter Of the Cover Page Photo: Dr Lakshmi Sravanti, MBBS, MD, (DM) Senior Resident Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS, India. “Reach out to Venus” – The metaphorical “Venus” in this piece of art represents that person /plant /animal /dream/ passion that one must nurture and reach out to when the times are dark and going gets tough (when in depression). For it can help the person regain a sense of purpose and meaning to life.

Published:- 22nd of February 2024


Dementia as a Public Health Priority

Sapkota N1 , Subedi S2


Mental health screening questionnaire: A Study on reliability and correlation with perceived stress score

Sharma P1 , Devkota G2

Factors Influencing Client Retention in Methadone Maintenance Treatment Clinics in the Kathmandu Valley

Sapkota B1 , Tulachan P2 , Ojha SP3 , Chapagai M4 , Dhungana S5

Consultation Liaison Psychiatry: A Study at GMC

Thapa DK1 , Lamichhane N2 , Timasina R3

Treatment Non-Compliance In Patients Suffering From Schizophrenia And Bipolar Affective Disorder (BPAD): A Comparative Study

Paudel K1 , Subedi S2

Serum Lithium in Patients in Remission of Bipolar Disorder

Lamichhane N1 , Timasina RR2 , Thapa D K3 , Sharma R4 , Vaidya L5 , Subedi A6 Chaudhary DK7

Depression In Pregnancy: Prevalence And Clinical Correlates

Sharma R1 , Thapa P2 , Chakrabortty P K3 , Khattri J B4 , Ramesh K5

Prevalence of Psychological Co-morbidities among medical and dental students of a Medical University of Nepal

Sapkota N1 , Baral B2 , Bhagat U2 , Agrawal D2 , Baral DD3 , Pudasaini G2

Caregiving Burden And Depression Among Caregivers Of Patient With Epilepsy

Shah S1 , Sah C2 , Shahi A3 , KC R4

Profile Of Tourette Syndrome In Children And Adolescents From A Tertiary Care Child Psychiatry Centre In India

Karki U1 , Sravanti L1 , Sharma E2 , Jacob P3 , Kommu JVS4 , Seshadri SP4

Study Of The Functioning Level In People Having Psychosocial Disabilities

Jha RK, Mahat, P., Shrestha, R.L., Kami, K.B., Chaudhary, A., Chaudhary, S.

Severity Of Relapse And Medication Adherence In Patient Of Schizophrenia: A Study From Nepal

Singh PM1 , Karmacharya S2 , Khadka S3

Study Of Prevalence Of Anxiety And its Contributing Factors Among Patients Undergoing Surgery In a Tertiary Care Hospital

Subedi S1 , Paudel K2 , Koirala M3 , Chhetri P4


A Case Report On Fluoro-Quinolones(Ofloxacin) Induced Psychosis At Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital.

Khadka S1, Singh PM2, Khadka M3, Chakrabarti K4, Pandit S5, Dhonju G6, Gautam SC6

Educational Article

Spirit, Demons, And Mental Disorders In Nepalese Culture, Some Historical Aspects

Upadhyaya KD

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